When it comes to filing a divorce there are many things to take into consideration and one of the most critical elements is finding the right lawyer. How do you find the best family lawyer for your case? What do you expect from a family attorney? There are a few characteristics that a good family lawyer has that will set him or her apart from other lawyers. Here are three of the characteristics that a great Lawyer Source lawyer has:

Best Family Lawyer

“I handle family law issues only from a personal perspective – I don’t have to pretend to be an expert on issues of child custody, spousal support, child adoption, juvenile delinquency and all the other subjects that come up when couples fight. In fact, if I don’t feel comfortable with a particular issue, I talk to my clients first before deciding what to do. I don’t use ‘quickie’ courtroom tactics, but I spend a lot of time talking to my clients. My staff and I understand the complexity of family law issues and the psychology of family disputes. And I don’t do it in a way that makes things convenient for me or my clients.”

“My firm handles only post-divorce matters. It may not be legal advice, but I do represent our clients like their best friends. If we go into business for ourselves, then my staff can give you a free consultation and see what you’d like to do. We want to be helpful, but we don’t want to make your life more complicated than it has to be. I personally choose the best family law lawyers and attorneys for each case that comes through our doors.”

“Most family court cases end with a settlement. However, if a judge decides that neither party is likely to get a settlement, then the divorce case could go to trial. My firm focuses on preparing for a trial so my lawyers have all the necessary experience to guide their clients through the discovery process, preparation for depositions, written agreements, trial preparation and arguments, appeal preparations, and the ultimate outcome of the case. Most of my clients who win their cases end up having to pay their lawyers over and above their legal fees.”

“I am a family law lawyer who practices in a state that doesn’t require a trial. Most family law cases are settled out of court. People usually hire a lawyer to represent themselves in these types of cases, but my practice prefers to take the case to trial if we believe that the settlement would be fairer than a settlement without a trial.” – Jennifer R.