The qualification, advanced diploma of hospitality management, is intended to complement your current qualification in the field. It requires an additional two years’ hard work after your current certificate or degree of Hospitality Management. These certifications are obtainable only after completion of a course in Hospitality Management. You can study in any approved hospitality college, as well as at university or any vocational/trade school offering this course. Online education is also available for advanced diploma of hospitality management .

An advanced diploma of hospitality management can help you gain entry-level or supervisory positions in hotels, restaurants, bars, catering companies, cruise ships, travel agencies and other related companies. As a successful candidate, you will be expected to have comprehensive knowledge in customer service, management, general business administration, and other relevant professional subjects. The advanced diploma of hospitality management will give you the specialized knowledge and practical abilities required to perform in high-level managerial positions in the hospitality industry, such as general manager, senior vice president, manager, director, or manager, and supervisor, or manager, executive chef, and food manager. Other related fields of concentration may include spa management, restaurant management, hotel management, and hotel front office staff. Some of the possible specialized training that might be required for advanced diploma of hospitality management would include international business management, HR management, and public sector management.

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A qualified candidate who holds an advanced diploma of hospitality management can apply for supervisory or management positions in any restaurant, hotel, cafe, bar, or catering operations. These positions require extensive experience and knowledge of hospitality business, including business history, financial management, human resource management, and business operations. If you are able to fulfill these requirements, you have a great chance of being selected as one of the top candidates for a position as a sous chef, a manager, or a chef. Among your duties as a sous chef is the supervision of kitchen operations. As a sous chef, your responsibilities include preparing the meals, cooking them, and supervising their preparation, storage, and service upon the completion of each job by the customer.

In most instances, a position as a sous chef will require at least three years of graduate level education or higher. Some of the basic requirements that must be met in order to meet the minimum requirement for this position include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and a broad range of relevant international academic courses. In addition, it is very important that you possess a substantial amount of practical experience either on the job or in training. Some of the specific subjects that you should consider studying towards your advanced diploma of hospitality management would include foodservice management, hospitality policy, restaurant management, customer service, and advertising principles and techniques. In addition, it is also very important that you possess a solid understanding of the principles of health, safety, and sanitation.

In order to qualify for a position as a sous, you will have to successfully fulfill the examination identified for this role. The three main examinations required for this role involve the written examination, the written communication assessment, and the skills and knowledge assessment. In the case of the written examination, you will need to pass the exam conducted by the Society of Hospitality Management Accredited Internationally (SHMA). In order to successfully complete this qualification, you must demonstrate a thorough understanding of foodservice management principles, clientele needs, service program evaluation, and hospitality policies and procedures.

Furthermore, in order to qualify as an International Undergraduate Travel Manager, you will need to pass the exam identified for the role of a Travel Manager. This examination requires that you have at least a diploma, as well as a strong understanding of the principles of tourism, leisure travel, and business administration. You must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the travel industry, and the ability to manage and deliver projects in a timely, reliable, and cost effective manner. To successfully complete this qualification, you must also demonstrate a significant amount of experience in advanced diploma of hospitality management. You must demonstrate a broad range of specialist managerial skills, and considerable knowledge in a number of related fields including finance and accounting, marketing, and tourism, as well as the ability to communicate effectively and a clear understanding of the goals and strategies of your organisation.